Use the new symbol for the Indian Rupee already

I was able to spend some time last weekend to come up with the CSS to allow me to start using start using the new symbol for the Indian Rupee on websites. There were mentions of blogs that had to font available for download, and it was not much to convert it to a form to be used by the websites.
The project is hosted on Github and details on using it are available at

To start using the symbol, simply include the CSS file available at Then, add the HTML tag <span style="font-family: rupee;">R&;lt;/span>at all the places where the symbol is to be inserted. The CSS file is around 8 KB and has the font embedded inside it. For IE, the fallback URL of the EOT file is specified to render it correctly. This CSS file was generated using Font Squirrel using the font here. Font Squirrel was used with Custom Subsetting and only "R" was included in the file to reduce the size of the CSS.

It becomes interesting to see how existing Indian sites look with the new symbol. You can find some screen shots here.
I also created a bookmarklet and a greasemonkey script that would replace all "INR" and "Rs." on existing web pages to give a feel of how the pages will look with the new symbol.

Tested on Firefox 3.6, IE 8 and Chrome5.