Google Custom Search Sidebar - Greasemonkey Script Updated

The Google Custom Search Sidebar is one of the oldest and the most frequently greasemonkey script that I have been using. I had written about it here. With Google changing the page structure, the sidebar was appearing at the wrong position. Infact, it was appearing above the actual results, floated to the right. This made the search page unusable and a lot of users had to disable the script.
This problem is not fixed and the latest version has the following updates
  • The sidebar is absolutely positioned to the right like it was 
  • Added the Greasemonkey AutoUpdate script that would prompt for a download when a newer version of the script it detected.
The change itself was simple, the search results are added to the body of the Google Search results page. The CSS styles make the positioning absolute and float it to the right. You can download this script and it will overwrite the older version that you may have disabled.
You will also get updates automatically going forward.