Data Binding Example - IndexedDB Polyfill

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A few weeks, an article was published on about using IndexedDB. The example was about a simple autocomplete application that stores data on the client and performs a simple query to select from the data. The article works on Firefox and uses the latest IndexedDB API specifications.
Since I already had the IndexedDB polyfill using WebSQL, I wanted to see how the example performs using the polyfill. Porting it to use the shim and work on browsers like Opera and Safari was trivial. I just had to include the shim file in the example.
The only other change I made to the main file was to change the 'contains' method to an indexOf method, as array.contains was undefined in some browsers.
You can see the example working at
The github repository is available at

During the course of porting the example to use the IndexedDB polyfill, I also had to update the way text was encoded and stored, allowing it to be a lot more robust.
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