Autoupdating Greasemonkey Script

Firefox has automatic updates, its extensions have it, even ubiquity scripts have it; but not greasemonkey. It is not a great user experience to have to update greasemonkey scripts every time the site changes.
The yousable tube fix script has a module that takes checks for new versions of the script and automatically updates them. The idea was simple and effective. The page where the greasemonkey script is hosted has a unique string somewhere in the page, that looks like #[V:1]#. The number "1" in the string denotes the latest version available.
The update module is configured with the location of the script as identified by the number in the URL of the script on The script also have a version that indicates the version of the script file. The module fetches the script page using GM_XMLHTTPRequest and searches for the version script. If it finds that the number on the page is greater than the one specified in the file, the location of the script is opened. Since greasemonkey is installed, the *.user.js file is recognized as a script and the greasemonkey dialog shows up.
To add this functionality to your greasemonkey script, just copy and paste the following snippet and configure the following.
  1. Paste this scriptlet at the bottom of your script.
  2. Set scriptPage to the number in the URL of userscripts page.
  3. Set scriptVersion as the version of the script in source code.
  4. In the description of the script, add your version number as
    #[V:2]#, where 2 is the integer version number.
You can find the source code for the update module here.