Hacking for the Hack Day

The YAHOO India Open Hack day just got over and was held in Bangalore on the 24th and 25th of July, 2010. The list of hacks submitted this time was impressive; totaled to around 140 hacks.
Though I was not in Bangalore, this was an event I could not miss. I teamed up with Srithar, Sudeep, Santosh and Surya to work on some really interesting hacks.
We came up with three hacks, and one of them won the best in show award.
We worked on making the YUI examples work in Trialtool. You can see the result at http://nparashuram.com/trialtool/index.html#example=/ttd/YUI/default.html.
The hack was called FlickrSubz which added closed captioning to videos on Flickr in real time.
The audio output is captured and routed via Microsoft Speech API and Julius to get the captions for the audio. This was then placed as an overlay on the Flickr video page using a Greasemonkey script. We also wanted to create a Google chrome extension, but that was when we ran out of the
24 hour time limit.

Here is a video by Srithar explaining the hack.

You can check out the hi-def version of the video on its youtube page.

On this hack, we won
  • Chris Heilmann's complement:)
  • Certificate signed by David Filo !!!
  • XBOX 360 Elite for the team 
  • 3 IPod nanos 4G 8gb for each team member !!