Gmail IDS - Version Alpha

A lot of hacking and coding during the holidays, and I have the alpha version of the gadget that saves your Gmail login sessions into Google Calendar. The gadget is available at I am planning to add a video demonstration on how to add the gadget and configure calendar for your mobile later, but for now, you can add the gadget by the following steps.
  1. Login to gmail
  2. Select "Settings" [Top right corner]
  3. Select the Labs Tab
  4. Select Enable in the Add Gadget [usually the last option]
  5. You will get a new "Gadget" Tab. Click on it
  6. Type the URL "" in the text box and click "Add"
This shows the Gmail IDS gadget on the left side bar. Click on grant access, and after navigating through Google's Grant access page, a timer appears, showing the gadget working. You can also look for a "Gmail Event Log" in Google Calendar for the log in sessions recorded.

Technical details of how the gadget was made will follow.
To follow new and updates, keep checking this link.