Gmail Burglar Alarm - better dates on reports


This is a continuation to the series of posts about the Gmail Burglar Alarm Gadget and details an improvement to the reports screen. The reports used to spit out ISO8061 formatted values in the tables and many users agreed that the format was difficult to read.
This has changed and the data is now sent to the client in terms of "seconds from 1970". The javascript code at the client then converts this number to a display format that is native to the browser, allowing the users to interpret the data better. This required looping over the data returned to the client and setting the "formatted value" in the appropriate columns.
An extra column has also been to show the duration and it is displayed as a bar graph. This allows users to sort of duration of visits and seems to be more useful that just showing numbers. We are also planning more visualizations for looking at the Gmail sessions. Suggestions welcome.