The Gmail Burglar Alarm

GMail Burglar Alarm is a gadget that you can add to your standard Gmail web interface to record your gmail sessions. Additionally, it also analyzes details of all sessions (like IP address, browser type, etc) and tries to determine if a session was suspicious. If the percentage of suspicion is high, you are alerted via a text message to the mobile number configured in your Google calendar. All the data stays with you and is stored on your Google Calendar.

The following video shows the various steps to add the Gadget to your gmail account. It also shows steps required to grant the application, access to write to your google calendar.

You will also have to configure your google calendar to recieve text message alerts.
This can be done as shown in the following video

The data is stored in a new calendar created on Google Calendar. This calendar is private to you and has details like IP address of login, HTTP Headers, browser version, etc. The gadget also displays the total time you spend on gmail, etc. The gadget analyzes recent sessions and tries to establish a pattern. Anything that is way out of this pattern is potentially dangerous and you are alerted.
Please do drop in your comments and suggestions to improve this application. Watch out this blog for techanical details and updates.

Note: Please note that this application works only on Gmail standard interface with gadgets enabled. The gadget can record and alert only on the pages where the gadget is run. This is not a total security solution but only an idea..