Gmail Burglar Alarm - UserPrefs Issue


You may have noticed a that the Gmail Burglar alarm seemed to have stopped working sometime ago. The code had not changed much, so it was a little strange for it to stop working suddenly. A little poking and I noticed that the user preferences were not stored properly in the Gadget. The preferences were not persisted across browser sessions and hence, the user's Google Calendar session token was not saved.
The default values for were empty strings. Changing them to strings with spaces solved the problem. Hence, the default values have changed from empty strings to "none". It is a little strange, but I also noticed that the preferences were infact fetched properly from the server. Will investigate this later.

Another frequent error that I seem to encounter seems to be related to gadgets on a wider scale. When the page does not load completly or when some links are clicked, contents of the page are replaced with [ObjectHTMLDiv] which seems to be the toString() representation of a div assigned. This has not been consistant and it would be interesting to see how this is caused. Watch out this space for details as I discover them. If you know what this is about, I would be glad to hear.