Some more gadgets for Gmail

Holidays around the corner and that just means that I have a lot more time to work on some new hobby project. It is Gmail gadgets this time and I am thinking about writing a couple of them. Here is what I have in mind, and lets see how it materializes. Please do drop in your ideas and suggestions to add features to the gadgets - adding ideas during the ideation phase is the easiest :)

1. Gmail IDS:
Presently, Gmail shows the location of last login, but it is usually limited to the last five log in attempts. The last five login attempts tend to cover a day and hence, I do not really have information about my usage of gmail. Hence, I am planning to come up with a gadget that records Gmail sessions over a longer period, in addition to storing the IP address, Browser details etc. This is along the lines of Sneak-O-Scope for social networks. Once we have the login data, we can also write IDS systems that calculate the risk of login and alert a user when Gmail is accessed by a potential attacker - "a weird IP and a totally different browser". The alert can be over SMS and I am planning to leverage Google Calendar. While we are at it, I also thought of saving the user sessions at Calendar instead of our database, giving user, full control of the data.

2. Gmail 2 factor authentication
Talking about security, I would always love to have two factor authentication for my Google Accounts. As a humble start, a gadget could try incorporating this. The gadget would load and send an SMS to the user with a random token. The gadget would then change the top.location to a login page where the user would have to enter the token code send over the SMS. Once the token code is accepted, the user can continue back to the gmail session.

Both the use cases are not 100% secure as they would not work on Gmail basic; an attacker can simply switch to the basic version (or even access POP and IMAP) to get the mails of the user. Also, since we rely on Google Calendar for alerts, an attacker with the user credentials can simply turn off all alerts from calendar.
Achieving 100% security would require a lot of co-operation from google, but lets just go ahead and work on this, for the sake of curiosity as to how far the ideas go.
Planning to use GData Python Client library, Google App Engine, YUI and the building blocks.