I had written about my experiences with opensocial and its caching troubles in a previous post. Here is the Opensocial Application that I had been working on.
Called Sneak-O-Scope, the application is like Google Analytics for your orkut profile page. The widget shows you statistics about when and from where visitors visited your profile and even how many people are viewing your profile at any given time. These statistics are updated in real time.
The application is currently in sandbox and the application has just been submitted to the orkut Gallery. If you have a sandbox account, you could add the application from this URL. Also, ensure that the application is displayed on the profile page as this is from where it picks up details.
When viewers visits your profile, they see an badge representing the numbers currently on the page. This also records the visit of the viewer. When you view the widget, you can see details like location of visit, time graphs, etc. Here is a screenshot of the widget.
Will write about the technical details of the application in a later post. I would be glad to hear your comments about the application. The application is opensource and you can take a look at the code here.