Reddit Redirect

Whenever I read digg stories from the RSS feed, I prefer to skip the Digg comments page and navigate directly to the stories. By default, the links on the RSS feed point to the Digg page. I installed this greasemonkey script that saved me a click and took me directly to the stories.
The story with reddit was different; they used to take me directly to the stories. However, I noticed that reddit recently started to show the comments page instead of taking me to the page where the story resided. Here is a quick script, like the Digg Redirect script, that takes you directly to the story.
The script is hosted here and works only on reddit comments page. Currently, the script works only if a user arrives from Google reader, so that user can still comment on the story if he arrives from elsewhere.
The script is simple, and all it does is find the link to the story and redirect the user to the link. The script parses the URL and finds the ID for the story. It then finds the element "title_t3_", picks the url and redirects the user. A pretty simple script !!