Extending the Aadvark Bookmarklet

Since installing Firefox 3, I have started to use Aardvark as a bookmarklet rather than an extension. Apart from not cluttering my Firefox extension space, the bookmarklet is cross browser compatiable and extensible. The page details the steps to extend the bookmarklet and also has an example loader. However, I think that there could be a better (but probably more complex) way to write extensions.
The way to add new commands is not very well documented, and the idea of assigning keystrokes is also not well defined. The loader is the point of entry into Aadvark and it requires to be customized to add extensions. I would prefer if the point of entry would still be the main Aadvark loader and extensions are loaded from locations specified by the user. This post explains a way to use the main aadvark loader and still use extensions specified elsewhere. There could be functions in the Loader that would be used to add new funtions (specify function body, key, etc) or modify existing funcitons.
The biggest problem with this approach is that the bookmarklet cannot really remember the extensions that a user has loaded and hence the user may have to specify the extensions everytime Aardvark is used; a totally unusable approach. Hence, I was thinking that the extensions (loaction of the Javascript) could be stored in a cookie. This cookie would be of the Aadvark domain and the loader would have to do the following to read and load the extensions
  1. Create a hidden iFrame in the page where the launcher is invoked.
  2. Set the source of the iFrame to a document that can communicate with the invoked domain.
  3. Read the extensions and load them in the invoked domain
This approach seems a little complex to code would fail when cookies are cleared, but it could give more power to Aadvark. It would allow people to develop a whole set of powerful extensions that can be easily invoked from a single place; something like an Aardvark extension directory.
I am currently working on this, but as the first step, I have modified the extension to have a better "modify" option setting element.contentEditable=true;element.designMode=on. Watch out this space for updates.