Sneak-O-Scope now on Orkut


After a long time of vetting, Orkut has finally added Sneak-O-Scope to the orkut application. directory. You can click on this link to add the application to your orkut profile page; just ensure that the application is higher than most applications so that it is not collapsed and is properly loaded.
Some changes in the application required by the Orkut Team were
  1. Remove link to "View full application" - this was done
  2. Show the actual link of the profile instead of the link of the iFrame - this could not be done for reasons explained later in this post.
Till now, we were relying totally on for storing and getting the data. Once the application takes off, we are planning to write a PHP backend to store all the analytics data and use Google Graphs to display the statistics.
We are also planning to add functionality where the statistics also show links to the profile of people who were on the profile. There is one limitation with this though; the visitor should also have installed the application to get his details, else we can only get the IP address.
The issues link is a list of all the features planned.
Since this is an opensource project, you are welcome to contribute to it. The project is hosted at

So far so good, now we will have to see how well we market this so that people start using this. I would hate to see this fail like ScrapsTimeOut.