A few day ago, I had written about an project I was working on that would send me SMS reminders for appointments on my Outlook Calendar. This post is about the technical details and instructions for use.
The 1.0 release is available here. To install
  1. Download the zip file and unzip it at a location where you wish to install it.
  2. Navigate to the bin location and open google.properties file
  3. Enter your google email id.
  4. Do NOT enter the password. It will be encoded and written to the file the first time the program is executed
  5. If you want you password to be saved, leave google.password.save=true. Else, change it to false.
  6. Setup your mobile on Google Calendar. Some tips here.
  7. Run gosync.bat
  8. To ensure that your outlook and Google Calendar are synchronized, put the bat in your startup folder or use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule sync cycles.
As for the code, you can browse through the source code from the repository or use the web interface to browse through it.
Appointments from Outlook are picked up using a Java Connector library. This library has a dll and uses the Java Native Interface to connect to Outlook. Technically, something like JACOB could also be used. For interaction with Google Calendar, the Google Java library is used.
Some of the features that I am looking at getting into the next release (if this project is used by people :) ) include
  • Deleting appointments when deleted from outlook.
  • Creating events in a separate private calendar.
  • Better way to handle password.
  • Better support for recurring events
Please do drop in your comments on the project/ code or bugs. Watch out this space for updates.