Using TrialTool to create your own examples

I had previously posted about TrialTool, an API viewer to showcase your Javascript APIs. This post describes the way to use the tool to showcase your own applications.
TrialTool has support to "Fork" existing examples. Reload the page with the &fork=true appended to the end of the URL and a "Fork" link would appear on the left, near the examples. Clicking on the link would start the forking process.
Moving the mouse over the example shows up a couple of icons that lets you move, rename or edit the names of the example categories or examples. The names of the categories also have additional icons to add more examples.
The following video shows the various ways to change the examples and save it.

Once the editing is complete,
  1. Download the TrialTool package to your local machine

    • Get the zip or the tarball, and extract it
    • Alternatively, fork the source from github
  2. Copy the example file that you downloaded as [TrialTool's location]/examples/default.html
  3. Use your web server to serve this folder as a web resource 
You can also take a look at the example files. It shows some more complex cases where dependencies between examples and linking to external libraries are defined.

TrialTool currently has two examples
I would be adding more examples, so watch out this space for updates.