More APIs illustrated with TrialTool

Some of the previous posts talk about TrialTool and using it to illustrate various client side APIs. An older post also featured the procedure to create your own example. All the examples are now hosted in a github project. At present, there are three APIs that are featured.

Jquery Templates
This project is a Jquery Templating engine and is hosted here. As Rey Bango put it in his blog,
the cool thing about templates is that it lets you easily structure your content display without all the hassle of string concatenation.The first set of examples used this this are from  Rey's blog. The second set of examples uses the code listed on the github gh-pages of the project.

Firefox 4
Babu Srithar put together a set of examples showing some of the newer developer features that were released in Firefox 4 Beta. I could import only the examples for IndexedDB. This is exposed using the window.moz_indexedDB in Firefox. You can find more details about this on his blog post. This is interesting given that these APIs not documented in detailed and this would help developers get a feel of thenew APIs. 

YUI Examples 
This was a set of examples that I had written to show case YUI examples during the recent YAHOO India hack day. You can read more about this in the blog post. The examples were scraped from the index of examples from the YUI developer network and added to the project.

I am also talking to a couple of other people who said would be interested in using TrialTool to publish their examples. If you have client side API that you would like to have examples for, please do contact me, and I would be glad to help you with a version.