Easy Installation of RSA Adaptive Auth and SecurID using Google Friend Connect

A few posts ago, I wrote about protecting gmail using RSA SecurID. This post details how the idea is extended to protect any website using the Google Friend Connect way. The video below show how a RSA SecurID gadget embedded into a page using Google Friend Connect works. This demo also shows how the RSA SecurID authentication service could be availed as a service by smaller websites.

The gadget loads a SecurID protected page and a login page hosted as a service. The page loads up a new window with the login page where the user types in credentials. Once the login is successful, a authentication token is set in the main website's page that other gadgets can use. Checking for actual login would be done using a protocol similar to OAuth where "isAuthenticated" request would be made to the RSA Authentication service to check for authentication.
The demo was also extended for hosted RSA Adaptive Authentication solutions that websites can easily plug into their websites.