Updates to Ubiquity Scripts - Parser 2

Ubiquity Firefox extension upgraded its Parser to support a richer set of nouns and i18n. This rendered a couple of my ubiquity functions unusable. The commands I wrote could be found here and here. I have been able to port the "bookmark to delicious" command to the new version, but the "linkify" command seems to have problems.
Porting the "bookmark to delicious" command was simple, I just had to change the noun definition. Since the page does not really take any arguments, the only notes are those selected on the page. Thus, only the command name had to be changed to get it working.
Converting the "linkify" command was trickier though. The preview in the newer version seems too slow to be used to any interactivity. Hence, the user cannot really choose the search result that suits the page context. Looks like we would have to remove the use of preview pane and create a popup instead. This popup would let the user click on a link that would be the hyperlink for the selected text. This new UI would also let user link words with arbitrary search terms and looks through the pages of the search results. Watch out this space for the upgrade that I plan to work on, during the weekend.