Fetching the numbers from SecurID for a web page

It started out as a joke but ended up invoking a quite an interest in the idea. Though I would not be permitted to discuss the idea in public due to confidentiality clauses, I thought it would be fun to jot down the way it was implemented in a 2 hour span for the RSA Hack day.
The idea required the random numbers generated by RSA securID for using it elsewhere. Interestingly, the algorithm is protected and there is no direct and simple API to get the numbers (due to obvious security reasons).
This was a smashup challenge, and a hack to demonstrate would be welcome. Since there was no direct way to get the numbers and reverse engineering the token was a lot harder, we decided to pick the numbers from a software token.
All the seeds for a user were installed in a couple of software token instances. When a user logs in and the token code is requested for, we load the required token in the software token. The software token is manipulated using macros. On the background, Snagit is set to pick up screenshots every fifteen minutes of the area showing the token. The screenshot served using a servlet on Tomcat that is called every 10 seconds. The servlet also deletes all but the latest image to keep the size of the folder in check. This image passed to an online OCR service that returns the required numbers.
A long way to get the numbers, but the implementation was fun. sheer hack !! :)