The Chroma Hash effect

There has been quite a lot of discussions on the usability issues with password masking. I came across efforts like using a mask, the hash represented with a graph, and more lately representing the hash with colored bars. The idea was interesting and I decided to fork my own project and experiment with other visualization techniques.
The idea is to represent the 32-long hex in a way that the user easily recognizes. The representation should also ensure sufficient delta between two similar passwords. With a
3.402823669209385e+38 different representations, finding the right visualization may be hard. The plan was to divide this by four and display unique pictures that are fetched from the internet, but getting a consistent source of so many pictures is hard. Though the number seems huge, the practially used has values would be far less. Compromising for accuracy, a gradient image was used as a background to the text box. The backgound-position of the image is moved to display different gradients for different passwords. The image is 3000x900 and hence position is the hash value modulo dimensions.
The forked project is also written in a to add other visualization techniques easily. You can also find a quick greasemonkey script that adds this feature to all password fields here.