Ubiquity Command - Linkify upgraded to Parser 2

A few posts ago, I had written about the changes to ubiquity commands due to the change in the ubiquity parser.r. This post details the changes to the linkify command.
As written earlier, the preview of the command cannot be used for interaction. Hence, the command does not take any inputs except the selected text when it is invoked. Considering this as a search term, the command uses YAHOO BOSS API and displays search results like its earlier versions. The only difference here is that the search results and the other UI is embedded on the page.
The user can change the search term before clicking on the appropriate link that makes the selection a link. The only trick here is that when the user changes the search term, the selection on the page changes. Hence, the selection is stored in a local variable to be used when creating the link. When the user clicks the link, the saved selection range is activated and the browser selects the same text when the command was activated.
You can subscribe to the command by visiting the command page.