Twitter Meebo Integration

Hi Sriram,

Twitter seems to have completely captivated me. I am not sure how great is the idea of publishing my personal life, but I like posting Twitters, and see my name appearing on the home page. Even better for me, I am in the opposite timezone, and dont have much competition either !!
Well, all that I wanted was some really quick way to keep posting twitters. Also, I thought that tit would be a great idea to have twitters as my status message.
I use meebo for IM, and here it is, the grease monkey script for Twitter. Instructions to use this are also on the user script page, so check it out. Just to give you an idea of how it looks, here is a screenshot of my meebo page.

P.S. That background is that meeboMap image. I used this script to have that as my background. It is supposed to show the number of Meebo users around the world !!!

- Parash