Sign On Manager - List of Problems

Hey Sriram,

I was testing grease monkey over a wide set of web sites, and here are some of the typical problems I found .

1. Element Overlap : There are sites (eg. that has its advertisements at a z-index of 20000. That was burying the default sign on manager dialog box way below the surface. This was one bug that I fixed

2. Javascript Login Form : Sites like Ugenie create a Login form only when the login button is created. As they manipulate the DOM, I have no clue whether or not is the form password enabled. There are two ways to solve this
(a) watch all click events, and scan the form for password fields
(b) add this to the greasemonkey menu, and let the user start the recording.
In any case, looks like i must allows a [start record] and a [stop record] button. Will doing this just make SignOn Manager, a action playback tool ? Weird....gotta think about this.

Also for an update, I have made the script smaller, added dragging functionality, and changed the UI to show just 2 simple buttons.
One feature request I got was some way to have a configuration box where users can enable/disable forms, and look at their passwords.
Another news is that I discovered SSOCircle. Since OpenID will not support attribute exchange till version 2.0, is it worthwhile to make this SAML compliant ?
Gotta see....right now, busy with the configuration screen...