Sign On Manager

Hi Sriram,

Working actively on Identity and Access Management, and talking about things like SAML, WS-FED and Single Sign On and things, I still don't understand how I was putting up with the pain of entering passwords in every site that I visit regularly. I think it is a high time i get this single sign on thing for sites that I visit. Also, remembering those zillions user names, passwords, mail ids, is really a pain.
So here is a grease monkey script (which I am planning to convert to an extension very soon). In addition to form-filling your credentials, it also submits the form (either using a javascript link or submit button). As a second step, I plan to store these credentials not at the client, but at an OpenID server (may be as attributes), so that a single password, and you can use this extension safely on any computer. However, Gary Krall from tells me that OpenID v2 is not yet available.
Also, I was talking to Roger Zimmerman about integrating this functionality with Sxipper firefox extension, but he has put me on hold owing to IP issues !!! :(
Anyway, i am continuting active development on this project, and hope to complete it very soon !!!