Life is a game, but so also is cricket !!!

Hi Sriram,

I don't give a damn about the world cup cricket, but many of my friends do. As the world cup season caught up, people were talking about cricket all the time, and I felt left out. Well, to catch their attention, here my script that shows the cricket score as my status message on meebo IM. Infact, it can read and dynamic RSS feed, and put data in as the status message.

Script Location :

Note on how to change the script to display data from any other RSS

Check line number 61 [url : ...blah ], and change the url to point to the url of the RSS
Then change the line number 88 [statusText = x.childNodes], and make the child nodes point to location of the information you need to display.
Ok agreed, that I could have made this simpler, but I am not really getting time to change this. Of course, in grease monkey, it is allowed to be quick and dirty..... !! :)

- Parashu