Sneak-O-Scope - Version 3 - New Release, New Bugs :)

A smooth release for software is not trivial specially when it depends on a lot of external components. I had earlier posted about releasing Sneak-O-Scope V3 on Google App Engine. Though it was seamless initially, some changes on the data by Orkut broke the functionality. The JSON Object that Orkut returned consisted of a internal object called fields_ which is now changed to obj_. I was referring to this throughout my code and hence had to make this change to get the application back in form.
There was also a complaint that the graphs were not displayed properly. This was a bug that crept in when I was looking at extending it to other platforms. I added an identifier that signified the platform to ownerIds, and that ended up passing wrong values to the Maps and the graph. That has also been corrected.
In the previous post, there was also a comment that the application showed a lot of useless data. There was a specific mention of the uselessness of IP address. To that, I would like to point out that more meaningful information derived out of the recorded data is in the offing. I am currently working on getting the application on MySpace, Hi5 and Friendster. Though there are help icons, those are not functional yet.
Once that is done, I would love to add features like
  1. Adding location of visitors
  2. Adding animated timeline graphs showning when people came and left
  3. Popularity of a profile when compared to friends
  4. Most popular profile of the application etc.
  5. Realtime update of who visits whom
  6. Badges showing off popularity of people
  7. People visiting your profile also visited...
Would love to hear more suggestions on the kind of analysis that we can draw out of visit data. Drop in your suggestions as comments.
Currently, I am the only person developing the application. It would be great if you could lend a helping hand, development would be easier, quicker and more fun. Please do drop me a mail if this interests you.