The activity Feeds on Opensocial

I hope this is not greeted with the "Yet another post on Sneak-O-Scope" frustration. Actually, the application is taking up majority of my free time, and thats the reason I seem to write so much about it. This is a about a more generic bug that I have encountered.

Sneak-O-Scope now has activity feeds integrated into it. Activity Feeds are a great way to get visibility as they are the only pieces of information that an application can push to other users. This is again done using the SNAPP application framework. Since the application that SNAPP hosts in inside an iFrame, the application itself cannot instruct the opensocial container to publish the feed. Hence, SNAPP requires the application to expose the URL of the activity feed as an RSS Feed. This RSS Feed is fetched by SNAPP, parsed, and the items are posted to the activity stream.
Interestingly, the for FEED type seems to have some glitches. The specification says that the sample feed would be parsed and available at the return However, when I run the same code using the Opensocial developer application to fetch the sample feed, all entries except the Item Sumary are available. I was having some issues with this and hence am currenly parsing the XML that I fetch as TEXT in the SNAPP javascript framework. Not sure if this is a bug, but if it is, I hope it is fixed soon. I have also asked about this in the orkut developer forums and am awaiting the requests.
In the meanwhile, see your sneak-o-scope updates sent to friends. I am still deciding on how to make more specific and "teasing" updates without compromising on privacy.
As a side thought, since updates can have images linked to your server, sneak-o-scope can theoritically display statistics on times when the friends of a user log in, etc. Bad for privacy is it ? :)

Update :
I found a reply on the Google Forums. It said that the GET_SUMMARIES command parameter had to be set to get the summaries by default. Here is the link.