Creating Links while you type using Ubiquity

It is always a pain to converting text to while typing blog posts or emails. I have to Google for the terms before I get the right link to insert in the blog.
This post discusses a ubiquity command that helps you convert text into links easily. You can subscribe to the command from here.

  1. Once subscribed, you can use this feature by selecting text in the Rich Text editor where you are typing.
  2. Invoke Ubiquity and type in "linkify this " to see the search results for the term you have selected.
  3. A preview pane with YAHOO BOSS search results is displayed. To insert the link of the second search result, you can continue typing "linkify this with 2"
  4. The text you selected becomes linkified.
Here is how the code for this looks like. Watch out this space for updates on the script and technical details. Some features that I still am working on include.
  • Ability to search for text that you type in, in addition to selected text
  • Navigate the search result pages
  • Insert any arbitrary link without searching.
And sorry for the large number of links, I was playing around with the extension :).