Undoing the damage


A small script in some spare time I had, and people are getting really angry on me. I am talking about the duels.com script that I wrote last night to randomly throw challenges to people. I figured out that regardless of whether you win or lose, you can enhanced your XP points.
I tried hard, but could not really get to the developers of the game, so I had to leave a message in the "BUG LIST" about this possible exploit. I thought that this was a bug, and hence put it there. Apparently, that was not a great idea as I had also put in the source of the script, and looks like many people have used to script to gain unfair advantage. I had appealed to use this script responsibly, but looks like no one listened !
Anyway, to set things right, there is definitely a way to set things to normal. If you realize, the normal way people issue challenges they go from a user page [http:\\duesl.com\player] to the challenge page [http:\\duels.com\challenges\challenge]. Hence, if the developers of the game could simply parse the log and look at challenges issues without a HTTP referral. Also, they could remove all the challenges that have a loadout id 548 (thats my loadout id). That will delete all the challenges that I have issued, but I that it is fine.
But the best thing that they could do is have a "Contact US" link, so that people can directly talk to them, and avoid hate mails like I have got !! :(