The Firefox Extensions that I have


Two weeks of scripts at duels, and looks like my Firefox could not handle it any more. My Firefox just crashed last night, and since then, I have lost my Firefox profile also. I have finally managed to restore it, and since then, I have installed only those extensions that I would really use. To complete the exercise, I decided to list down all the extensions that are currently running.

  1. Aardvark - An extension that allows me to explore the HTML of the page. This is similar to the Inspect action of FireBug, but I still have this extension installed as it allows me to remove HTML elements quickly, color divs, de-widhtfy, etc . These come in handy when I wanna print stuff, but don't want the advertisements clutter the view.
  2. BugMeNot - Untill single sign on comes into the mainstream, I would prefer to to visit certain sites without really registering them. This extension is integrated with the bug me not site.
  3. Cache Status - As a web developer, cached pages always frustrate me. Sitting quietly on mu status bar, this extension allows me to quickly see the status of my browser cache, and also clear it.
  4. Chicken Foot - An awesome extension for automating web tasks, this was an extension that I used for the recent duels scripts
  5. ChromeEdit Plus - For the extension developers, shows you the location of you install, and profile folders.
  6. Clean and Close - Replaces the "Close" button with a "Clean and Close" button. It deletes my download history quickly. I no longer really use this as I have Download Manager in my Status bar.
  7. Colorful Tabs - Not really very useful, but I like the colors in my browser. The tab color by the page is not very useful either.
  8. Copy Extended - Allows me to copy code not plain text, not as HTML. Useful when I copy paste code snippets.
  9. Cute Menus - This extensions adds an icon to my menus and stuff. The icon is worth a thousand words !!
  10. - The delicious extension that allows me to tag pages from the browser to my delicious list. The description window that pops up get a little annoying at times though.
  11. DOM Inspector - Comes with firefox pre-installed. After firebug, I don't really use this.
  12. Download Status Bar - Shows the download status on the status bar. Replaced the big window with indicators on the status bar. Good to see the status of all my downloads in the same window.
  13. DownThenAll - Helps me get all links from a site. This is particularly useful while reading tutorials or books offline.
  14. dragdropupload- A java based extension, helps me to drag files from my computer to upload them. Would be great if this was integrated with the File Upload Form Control
  15. Edit Css - Firebug does the job again, but sometimes, I just wanna look at the CSS and nothing else. Thats why this still stays in my browser
  16. ErrorZilla Mod - The error page for firefox gets better, with options like ping and google cache. Pretty useful when a site is broken, and you want to get around it.
  17. Extension Developer - For extension developers, a must have suite of tools.
  18. Extension Manager Extended - Used to show me the id and folder of the extensions. Firefox 2.0 already has such an option
  19. FasterFox - Firefox on steroids, this could be a nightmare for servers. However, I use the optimized settings, to strike a balance between server load and browsing speed.
  20. FEBE - A quick way to save losing you profiles. This is the extension that saved me from the crash yesterday. If only they have a "Backup Now !" button.
  21. Firebug - The best thing that could ever happen to Firefox, check out the website is all I can say.
  22. Firefox View - As a web developer, this helps me solve cross browser issues. Adds a context menu in IE, to see it in Firefox
  23. FireFTP - My FTP client
  24. Fission - Safari style progress bar in the address bar. Looks cool
  25. Flash Version Switcher - Lets me switch between various versions of the flash runtimes installed. Good for compatiability testing. I use this a lot when I do Laszlo development.
  26. Flash Tracer - I have the debug version of the flash player, and this is the place where the trace messages finally reach.
  27. FormFox - Shows me the location of the submit button. Quite handy to handle phishing. Sometimes the button background becomes yellow, and that is quite annoying
  28. FoxClocks - International times on my status bar. Handy when I am talking to my counterparts across the world
  29. ForxMarks - Helps me move my bookmarks across my home and work computer
  30. FullScreen - While viewing videos on Google Video or YouTube, I prefer a really full screen. This extension does exactly that.
  31. GetFile - A quick firefox simulation of wget. Stays in my systems as I prefer this kind of a wget !!
  32. GraphicsX - Saves the current web page as a PNG, so no more Alt-PrintScreen required. This is cleaner to get screen shots of web pages as they are rendered.
  33. Greasemonkey - A mini firefox extension developer ? Lots to write, so better check out the home page. To the uninitiated, this includes custom scripts in web pages, to make it more usuable.
  34. HackBar - Helps me rip the URL in the address bar apart, and is quite handy in unescaping url parameters, etc.
  35. HighlightAll - An eclipse style highlighter, marks all occurances of a word in the page or in a source. Helpful while reverse engineering Javascript.
  36. IE Tab - Uses the IE rendering engine in Firefox. So, here I can see all those sites that are IE specific, without problems
  37. IE Lite View - Opens the current page in IE
  38. iMacros - Another web automation tool, with a weird scripting language. All i use this is for record and replay on web pages.
  39. Javascript Debugger - Rest in peace. Firebug is here, so I don't use this.
  40. Link Alert- Adds a small icon showing me the type of link (zip file/ new window/ external link etc).
  41. Link Evaluator - Checks the validity of all the link on a page. A good sanity check on web pages that you develop.
  42. Long Titles - Prevents the tool tips from breaking.
  43. Measure It - Shows the exact dimensions of pages using a translucent measure box. Useful for web designers and developers
  44. Menu Editor - With so many tools around, I would want to unclutter my menus. This extension lets me have only those menu items that I want.
  45. More Tools Menu - Shows all my extensions in a "More Tools" rather than the "Tools" menu. Makes navigation easy.
  46. MozLab - Yet another tool suite for extension developers.
  47. MR Tech About:about - Adds all the possible about:* options on the Help menu. The options shown are "about :" tell you all details about your browser.
  48. Organize Status Bar - With so many tools, I prefer arranging my status bar in an order that is easier to manage. Very useful tool again.
  49. Page Update Checker - For those stupid sites that don't refresh when the content changes. I usually use this for my orkut scrap books
  50. Paragrasp - I read a lot on the net, and this extension lets me see which paragraph am I currently reading.
  51. PDF Download - Adds a couple of options when you try opening a PDF file in the browser. It even allows conversion of PDF to HTML (though this is a slow)
  52. Platypus - Greasemonkey scripts for the kiddies. Comes in handy for removing parts of a page (like google ads ? ) everytime you visit the page !
  53. Poster - A tool for interaction with URL, but I don't use this frequently
  54. Quick Preference Button - Adds a menu item that let me change the preferences of the browser quickly
  55. Server Spy - Shows the server version and details that a remote site sends back
  56. ShowIP - Shows the list of all remote IPs mapped on the DNS for that URL
  57. Splash - With firefox taking some time to load, this shows a quick splash screen. The flash image and words can be customized.
  58. Stumble Upon - Site companion for Stumble upon users
  59. Tamper Data - Indespensible tool (i would argue that this is better than LiveHTTP Headers) to see all the traffic flowing in and out of the browser
  60. Temporary Inbox - For fooling those registration sites that send you emails for registrations and then keep spamming you. Lets you create disposable mail boxes
  61. Twitter Bar - Twitter the URL that I am currently visiting
  62. UnHide Fields - Shows all the input type="hidden", and allows editing them. Good too to try injections of fields that you don't see. I prefer to do this in tamper data though.
  63. URL Parameters - Shows the GET or POST parameters submitted to a page. Easier than Tamper Data, but redirects make life difficult.
  64. User Agent Switcher - No one can now block me just because I am on Firefox, by looking at my user agent signature !!
  65. View Cookies - Detailed list of all cookies on my page
  66. Web Developer - Another indispensable tool for web developers
  67. XML Developer Toolbar - As web developer is for HTML, this is for XML !!
  68. XMLDAP identity Selector - Microsoft CardSpace integration with firefox
  69. XPath Helper - Quickly shows Xpath for XML docs. helps while reading RSS feeds
  70. XPanther - Another alternative to XPath Helper for doing more complex stuff
  71. YSlow - As if firebug was not enough, anther great too to profile pages and improve Javascript / overall web page performance. Heard that this was earlier an internal tool with YAHOO.
  72. Bookmarklets - This awesome set of book marklets that allow you to virtually do anything on the net !
I am not listing many other site specific tools that may not be very interesting, greasemonkey scripts tha I use.