ReactJS Components and Performance

I was at the ReactJS Hackathon in Seattle last month and spent some time learning the ReactJS framework. Though I started building a simple mobile application with the framework, I changed my mind midway and instead thought I could extend the work I was doing with chromium telemetry to see the performance of how various react components are rendered.
Applications using ReactJS organically structure any web page into components and I wanted to achieve a way to see the performance of these components evolve over commits. I was also able to pick up the different versions of this component to see how Christopher was impacting performance as he continued development on JSFiddle. To see the graph on the site, change the database from localhost to and type in the component name as "chart". Comparing the peaks to the diff from the JSFiddle changes shows how certain functions increase the render time.
Given that this was a hackathon about ReactJS, I also reworked the page to be built on ReactJS :)
I won the 'best port of existing app' category and now have an awesome Jawbone Jambox playing my music - thanks facebook :)

I am continuing to work on a way to extract the code from telemetry so that it can be run as a separate node module. I am also starting to integrate it as a Karma framework (like Qunit or Jasmine) to make it run benchmarks on IE, Chrome and Firefox. I have also been able to get results for to power the data for
The repository is here and I plan to continue working on it and hopefully sending pull requests to Karma for some changes that I would need to enable this. Watch the repository for more updates and stay tuned for my next post about how the framework turns out !!