Ubiquity Command : Bookmark on Delicious

One of the ubiquity commands that I have worked on includes "bookmark" to delicious. The command was using automatically generated tags from a service which is currently dead. I stole a few minutes to quickly change the Tag Generator Yahoo pipe that was feeding the command with tags.
The Tag Generator now picks up the key terms indicated in the YAHOO BOSS search result for the web page. You can take a look at the modified pipe here.Unfortunately, the only part that did not was the use of delicious tags. For some reason, the delicious xml element in the response disappears when the pipe hits the filter module in the source code.
In an eagerness to test, I headed to delicious. Unfortunately for me, I had just linked my account with my YAHOO Id, rendering the V1 APIs useless. The V2 APIs require OAuth, something that is currently not supported directly in ubiquity yet. I was planning to write an OAuth library for ubiquity, but that is for later. Hence, the bookmark command is broken for now, if you are using the newer delicious accounts. I am falling back to the share-on-delicious built in command to get my work done. This command circumvents the requirement for OAuth by picking up the cookie from the browser using native Cookie Manager (
method of firefox.Interestingly, the AJAX call is also made by fetching the XMLHTTPRequest object in a native way. Watch out this space for more updates on the OAuth utility and my other ubiquity commands