Google Search Link Copier

One of the greasemonkey scripts that I wrote was a utility that modifies the Google search result page. By default, the URLs of search items on the results page change to a Google Url when the results are clicked. Hence, when you visit a website from the search engine, you path is tracked. This is a good behavior for Web History, but does not play well while copying or dragging the link content. This does not work when the user navigates using the keyboard.
This post is about the update to the script that existed earlier. Apart from checking for automatic version update, the script has been simplified a lot. Google's search page has a "onMouseDown" event attached to all search results that change the URL. However, if the user is dragging the link as a bookmark or to a chat session to paste it, google's redirect URL is pasted instead of the actual page location. I am not sure why it is attached to the "mouseDown". I think it makes more sense in the "click" event.
This script adds an event handler to "mouseDown" that nullifies the link change by the page's script. It also attaches an "click" handler that restores the link that Google wants, for Web History's sake. I have also added the scriptUpdateChecker that checks for new versions of scripts. There is some discussion about this here, and I would update it once a conclusion is reached. Watch out this space for more updates.