YAHOO Open Mail Application : Email Header


A few days ago, I had written an article about the Yahoo Open Mail application that performed redaction of emails. This is a post about another such application that may prove useful.
There are a lot of websites like this, this and this that require us to paste the email header in the text box and they display the information in a much more readable format. Having a tool like this inside the YAHOO Open mail would be a lot more simpler.
Technically, the way to create it is simple. We have to attach an drag-drop listener handler that activates when an email is dropped onto the application. The function would require "full" details and hence, we would also get the header in the "part" property of the passed JSON object. Once that is done, its a matter of parsing the information and displaying the information, either in a new tab or in a pop up dialog box. An addition would be to use free ip to geolocation tools to determine the location of the hop servers and display them as a map. A furthur visualization could be actually animating the mail to give the user, an idea of the delay, etc.
I would love to get this out as quickly as possible, unfortunately, I seem to have lost my bouncer ID for the mail applications. If you know of any, please do let me know.