Quick Analytics

As mentioned in an earlier post, sneak-o-scope is dead due to opensocial templates. However, the work done with sneak-o-scope could be used to build a simple analytics system. The system could be used for
  • Know how many of your twitter followers actually click a link you post
  • Track down that stalker who sends me disgusting scraps on Orkut
  • Know how many times my thread has been viewed in a forum
  • Tracking if a friend really clicked on a page send over the IM to him
  • Track how far an email travels, who view it, etc.
Hence, the requirements for the system should be
  • Require no registration, should be as simple as TinyUrl
  • Give a url that redirects to the original page, to an image or open a 1x1 transparent png.
  • Show easy to understand analytics
  • Send emails when someone is tracked
  • Allow to have the analytics private
I am still working on the UI to keep it as simple as possible, so if you have suggestions, please do write in. I would also appretiate a name for the project.