Open source of NOT - IIMB Vista 2008

Here is my submission for the Software Czars event at IIM B Vista. The caselet can be read from here.

In brief, the caselet was of a gaming and music software manufacture and their dilemma to go open source. The submission had to be a 150 word explanation of whether or not should they embrace open source.
  • AMPS should go opensource as it would enhance the image of the company. The move would make the product better in the long run by letting the gamers develop features they need, eventually bringing in newer users. The Intellectual Property is not only the code but the conceptualization, hardware and design that would be suitably protected by patents.
  • To start with, AMPS must release a developer API that allows evangelists to create experiences that the company may not have visualized. This would increase the sales of the product and spawn new product lines.
  • Open source will bring in fresh developers to add to the army of existing developers working on newer idea of a developer API.
  • After judging the above effort, all code can be open sourced. This phased initiative will buy AMPS time to review the quality of existing code to better reflect the company standards

Would love to hear your comments on my arguments.