IIMB-Vista - Second Submission

Previously, I had posted my submission on IIMB-Vista. Unluckily, that did not get selected. I had also written another piece that was submitted under a different name; that got selected. Not sure how this is better than the previous one :(. Too bad that I cannot go to talk tomorrow :(

Making Ammo Ups an opensource product will only increase the cost of development and will lead to mushrooming of copy cats. The free developers and reviewers that opensource promises are realized over a long period not suited for a startup. The company would lose control on the product road map. The existing code could have security implications that would impact the business. The task of separating noise from valuable contributions would take lot of time and effort. The complications of licensing would make it harder for the legal team to prevent look-alikes. The developers lose the incentive for working on a product whose development also seems to happen for free. Rather that riding the wave, the company should invest the time in strategic changes to revamp the product. The audience of these markets is known to be niche, and going opensource would not really matter to them. The company should implement a program to better integrate feedback from this audience.