TNEA 2007 cut offs - Datasheet


The Tamil Nadu Engineering results are out and I know a lot of people trying to figure out the colleges that suit their marks. Though not a very accurate method, I have seen people using the previous year's cut off to get an idea of the college that shall fall in their mark range. The TNEA website provides this data, but the interface is not really useful for someone doing analysis.
I had visited my wife's home town this weekend and saw her wasting time navigating the bad-to-use site, trying to find the college for her younger brother. I offered to help, and came up with a spreadsheet that had all the details. Simply sorting the website would give an idea of the cutoff range per department, per college, per category (oc, bc, sc, st) etc.
You can find the spreadsheet hosted at Google docs here. I also have the MS Excel version that I have hosted in a zipped format here. The greasemonkey script that did this is here.
Would be posting the technical details on how I screen scraped (trivial, but worth documenting !! ) the entire site here. Watch out this space for updates, etc.

An appeal : Just thought of putting a personal note here. Can we please do away with the caste system in India ? Why have caste based reservation, why not economic status based ? Should economically weak OC candidates with mediocre marks suffer ?