Disabling advertisements on pages served by Tripod


A couple of days ago, I had posted on an OpenSocial Orkut hack. For the hack, I had hosted the phishing page on Tripod. The problem with Tripod is that it packs the normal page with an unreasonable number of advertisements. Not only popups, it also puts in advertisements right into the page. Tripod inserts a whole lot of HTML for the advertisements including scripts and divs. Though we cannot really stop the scripts, we definitely can prevent them from executing so that our page shows up without the ads.
Adding a few of lines of script at the end of the page effectively hides the divs that show the ads.

document.getElementById("tb_container").style.display = "none";
window.onload = function(){document.getElementById("FooterAd").style.display = "none";}

The tb_container is the div with the ads at the top. At the bottom, the ads are generated using inline javascript. That is removed using the second line that executes when the script is loaded. The popups can also be disabled by initializing the AdManager to null;
Sometimes however, the initial ads as show as they are embedded right into the page; I am still looking at ways to remove that also.
Just insert this script, and see the page as want it to look like - without those bugging ads.