Thats my Mouse - Bookmarklet


Saturday evening, and I was sure that the day was wasted. Thats why Jyothi showed me a cool website. Called, this is a site that enables people to browse a site simultaneously. A small HTML code has to be embedded inside a website and co-browsing functionality comes right in.
I just wanted this to work even if a site does not have this embedded, and a bookmarklet is a simple way to do it. All that the bookmarklet does would be to append the code into the current page. I also converted it to a greasemonkey script that people could use.
Just drag and drop this ThatsMyMouse bookmark to your bookmarks / favourites toolbar.

Alternatively, copy and paste this in the address bar when you are browsing a site to activate this functionality.

Watch this space for my investigations on the other great things that you can do with !!