OpenID Reputation Framework Service


A few days ago, I had written about a reputation management service, and how it could be applied to blogspot. I was peering over OASIS when I came across a presentation on Open Reputation Management System(ORMS) . The main charter of ORMS seems to prepare a framework so that reputation of users or devices and services can easily be shared across different websites. The proposal talked about using OpenID or SAML to enable reputation sharing.
The details of the OpenID reputation system talks about using OpenID as a means to share reputation. The proposal is not very detailed and talks about a url that can be used to fetch the reputation of a certain user. I found some issues and thought of posting my ideas in this blog.
The URL returns REST data containing the reputation of a person. For privacy reasons, there could be restrictions of the people who can fetch the reputation of the subject entities. The Trusted Data exchange talks of a OpenID Provider using a reputation as a service, and hence, access management as to who sees the reputation can be implemented. Also, websites could return a JSON version of the REST response so that plugins can easily work with the reputation.
Secondly, I did not see any easy mechanism for a user to rate any person. If this was also a REST call, submission of reputations would be easier.
However, the most interesting thing that I would like to see in the proposal is the categorization and taxonomy of reputations. This is a problem many companies are trying to solve, and a standard around this would go a long way in interoperability. I am still waiting for someone to put up a reputation service so that I could trust the blogger reputation plugin that I wrote.