Image Resizing - Images from the Server


A quick peek at Image Resizing using Flash or HTML canvas shows that it may not yet be feasible to use the technique for actual web sites. Unlike the demo real web sites may not really require changing the picture in real time. The resize could be initiated only when the browser is resized. Hence, I was looking at a more realistic image resizing implementation, having minimal JavaScript code at the client, and not really slowing down the browser by intensive Flash or JavaScript computation.
This approach relies in the image being actually being performed at the server, and the client only fetching the changed image in the background. When the browser is resized, the image is first resized in the native way, and then, the JavaScript code that is triggered, loads the seam-carved image. This approach also had the problem of network latency, and hence I was looking at using YUI Image Loading utility to load the images the background, to reduce the delay between actual resizing and seam based resizing.
A simple central server could host this as a service, reducing the image to the required dimensions. For the demo, due to the unavailability of the server, I precomputed the images for widths 350 to 200, in intervals of 5. The JavaScript in the page first resizes the image to the required width using native image resizing, and then loads the seam resized image. An addition is the use of the YUI image library that tries to pre-load the data for the image in the back ground. It would be great to hear your feedback on the performance for different network latencies.
Please check this link for the demo.

[UPDATE : Having problems with hosting the images. Demo not showing server image. Working to find some other image hosting site]