Caller IDs for Meebo Me


I was experimenting with FeedJIT and a couple of other alternatives on my blog. Initially, they seemed interesting, but I realized that it would be a little more interesting if I could mash them with the meebo me widget on my page.
Most people pinging me on the meebo me widget are anonymous to an extent that I don't even know the country of origin. On the other hand, just below the widget is FeedJIT that shows me not only the country of origin, but also interesting things like referral URL, and leaving time from the page. If I could pass this information along to the meebo me widget, I could know the source a visitor came from, and his location. This is more like a caller ID service, and initial investigations show me that a small scriptlet on my bog should do the job. Thought Meebo Me is in flash, and it would be a pain to send messages via meebo, I was looking at mimicking the behavior of the widget, and doing a direct post via an iFrame. There still are some really weird parameters that I am working on, and am hoping to quickly get a script by the end of the week.