GM-Trans :: Next Steps


The tool that I have written seems to be in a state for people to take a look at. I know, double clicking text boxes to activate the script is a pain, as u normally double click words to select them; I promise that this will be the next thing I will fix, after I decide where I would want to take the script forward. I have used the word transliteration throughout the code, but Srid tells me that this is not transliteration given the learning part of the service. For now, in the absence of a better word, I continue to use the word.
I had real fun developing this, as it gave me to power to actually scold people while chattin gwith them in native tongue. I even tried impressing a girl, by sending her a poem in Tamil, from my Meebo web-chat client to her Gtalk session. The thing however did not work as the Tamil that I wrote was pathetic [I donno reading / writing Tamil :( ]. Anyway, jokes apart, I think this service is really working and usable at last !!
About the next steps, I was thinking in terms of how to get more people use it. An encouraging thing that I have noticed is that many people on social networking sites (orkut, minglebox, yaari blah blah) often write Hindi / Tamil in the English alphabet. Using this greasemonkey script on those sites is a great idea, but imagine inserting this script as a part of the actual website.
For instance, a site like Minglebox (heard that these guys got funded recently, and have a growing social network) includes the single JS file that I provide to them. Then, they provide a list of all the text boxes that should have this transliteration capability, something like QuillPad.enableQuill("textBoxId"). This would allow the people to type in the native script. Simple to setup, working something like software as a service, QuillPad would have a better reach. Lets see if I can talk to the guys at QuillPad, and other websites that would like to use services like this.

Here are all the files in the util directory

Note : This release also helped me enhance my GreaseMonkey Simulator, and I filled the gap, providing an implementation of GM_xmlHTTPRequest.