GM-Trans :: Is this the official name ?


So the version 1.0 for the greasemonkey translator is finally complete. Anshu wanted to call it lang-fa. I am not sure what it means but i read it as "lafanga" (meaning rogue) the first time I saw it. Well, we did not copy the name debacle from what happened to google !! Anyway, in absence of a really creative name, I have just planned to call it GM-Trans, in the lines of i-Trans ! So here is the script baptized !!

Some of the changes include
  • Better UI (shows gif when fetching data)
  • Query to the server is now just the diff, instead of the entire test

There are a lot of features that I am looking to implement, but let me see how well this is received. If the script does well, I would implement things like

  • Currently, double clicking activates the script. This is not really intuitive
  • Save the existing text in the text box, before transliteration
  • Show alternatives, and as the user selects it, use it as the feedback
I am currently looking at getting my own back end in place. If Anshuman is able to get something up and running this weekend, we would be good to go.

Please do use the script and let me know of bugs that you find. I would also be happy to listen to the features that you are looking forward to. Here is the script in action, on the orkut page ....

(Click the image to enlarge.)