Small initiatives.....big results


Here is my stint at animation. During the good old times, when the computer had not invaded my personal space, I used to spend a lot of time drawing, with my pencil and paper. When I came across 3D Studio max, I felt that old passion return. So here is an animation that I produced.

The Story :

The theme revolves around how small things could lead to great things. There is a guy sitting on a bench when a speeding car throws waste paper near him. The guy, being good, picks up the waste and puts it into the thrash bin. A truck picks it up, and takes it to the recycling plant. That paper is converted to news print. Incidentally, it carries a news item about India being under attack, and calling upon the youth to defend the country.
Inspired by the words on the paper, young men join the army to defend the country. The scene now shifts where both sides agree to peace and a treaty is signed. Ironically again, the paper on which the treaty is signed, is the same paper !!!

Commentry :
Well, I realise that this was a little too much "filmy", but back then, I loved the ending, and the irony that I had put in. I downloaded many models from the net, and even got music ripped out of famous songs. I banked on the music form famous Tamil movies, with the action to spring emotions of patriotism !!!