Login Form Oddities.....


This is getting interesting by the day. I was checking out Sign On Manager for two sites that I commonly used, and the script failed for both. Looks like the number of variations will never cease.

Twitter.com : The submit button for the Login form has an id = "submit". Because of this, calling the document.forms[0].submit() links not to the function, but to the "Submit" Button. The error I get is obvious. Still looking for a way I can get a handle to the form.submit() function prototype.

Reddit.com : The Login form has a onsubmit=return login(this). The script looks at the onsubmit, sees that it is of function type, and does a form.onsubmit.call(). This fails as we have already lost the contest of this. I am presently working on fixing this, and checking if this just a symptom for a bigger bug.

Also, it is getting a little tough for me to activate SignOnManager for Ugenie.com as they construct their Login Page using javascript. I have not yet decided how do I solve this, a business descision that I need to take fast.