IndexedDB updates

Over the weekend, I was able to update IndexedDB tutorials and the jquery-indexeddb plugin. The IndexedDB site at was changed from custom styling to  default but much better bootstrap theme. I made the links easier to access, and hopefully also organized the content better.
It has been almost 2 years since I first started working on the IndexedDB examples. The implementations in Firefox, IE and Chrome were different in may ways and it was simpler to have a version for each browser. With the specification becoming more stable, the browser implementations have also become more uniform. I was able to combine the examples into one set (available here) that can run on Chrome, Firefox and IE. The older versions are now archived.
I also have to change Trialtool to accommodate  the fact that accessing some properties of IndexedDB requests during certain operations now throws exceptions in Firefox and IE. For example, accessing the request.error when an operation actually succeeds throws an error. Since I was printing the entire request object so that it can be inspected, all examples were throwing exceptions.
Chrome has finally removed the setVersion method and now supports the onupgradeneeded method. This change is now reflected in the jquery-indexeddb plugin. The transaction modes and the cursor directions are also strings now.
Note that window.indexedDB is now immutable in Chrome and hence Chrome cannot force the IndexedDB polyfill to run. The polyfill can only run on Opera and Safari and I hope it is rendered obsolete when the browsers implement IndexedDB.