MediaPlus 2.0

What is MediaPlus?
MediaPlus is a plugin for your web browser that makes media content on web site easier to use. It gives you control to move or resize videos, play flash games in full screen or popout content to a new window.

Media Content, huh ?
Media Content here refers to Flash videos and games, HTML5 Videos, HTML5 Canvas and iFrames. MediaPlus can manipulate the media content when they are inside almost any webpage.

What can MediaPlus do?

  • Move and re-size media content like videos or games on web pages
  • Make media content, maximized inside your browser. Play games in full screen.
  • Pop out media content into a new browser window
  • Switch off lights on the page to view media content better on the page.
  • Download Media content from specific websites.
  • Enhance HTML5 videos by changing contrast, brightness, etc.
  • Delete annoying media like advertisements, etc.

Interesting, now how do I install it ?
Since this is a bookmarklet, no installation is required.

We are working on making this available as extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

How do I use it?
When you are browsing a page, you could click on the MediaPlus bookmarklet link and it would get activated. You can now move your mouse over media content on the page and you should be able to see a blue highlight around the content with a toolbox below it. Place your mouse over the icons inside the toolbox to see what they do, and click on them to manipulate that media content.
At any time, you can click on the MediaPlus bookmarklet for additional options. For example, when your video is full screen, or the page is dark, click on the bookmarklet to restore the content to its original size or switch the lights back on.

And how does it work?
MediaPlus is a bookmarklet. When you click the MediaPlus bookmarket in your favourites or bookmarks bar, a javascript file is injected in the page you are browser. It is this script that does all the magic. It does not transfer any content from your webpage to anywhere, so it is also safe to use.

What are the supported browsers?
MediaPlus is tested on Firefox 3.5+, IE8+, Chrome 9+ and Opera 10+.

Was this not called FlashPlus earlier?
MediaPlus is like the next version on FlashPlus. FlashPlus only allowed manipulation on Flash content on web pages. MediaPlus is a complete rewrite of FlashPlus and is more efficient and has more functionality. See this link for more technical details.

More details?
You can follow this link for more details. The blog will be update with technical details and other major releases.